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We Rescue Distressed Sellers

We Rescue Distressed Sellers

Many of us buy properties with a vision for the future like growing a family, expanding an investment portfolio, etc. Unforeseen circumstances can force homeowners to sell quickly. Our agents are here to assist. For more information about how we can help you sell your distressed property, please feel free to contact us.

Unhabitable Properties

Unhabitable properties are not only eyesores to the neighborhood, but they are also liabilities for their owners. If the owners have not been able to maintain their properties, chances are that fees and liens can be piling up for HOA violations, building code violations, and back taxes.

These properties can also be easy access for squatters, vandals and others who may conduct illegal activities on-site…

Are your neighbors calling you to do something about your old house? Let’s get rid of it before someone gets injured on your lot and brings you a lawsuit!

Pre-Foreclosures & Upside Down Mortgages

Certain properties like pre-foreclosures will need a quick sale in order for the homeowners to still walk away with some cash pulled out from their properties, and the listings need to be handled specially to attract buyers who can close quickly before the court auction takes place.

Other properties where the underlying mortgage debt is higher than what it could sell for will either require the sellers to come up with cash out of pocket at closing or the lien holder to accept a lower payoff amount in order to get a clear title for the sell. 

Agents at Waters Realty can empathize with the sellers, and do our best to work diligently with the foreclosing parties and buyers to facilitate transactions.

Avoid Foreclosure – Save Your Credit With A Short Sale

 his is where the bank allows you to sell your home at or below the current market value in order to get a quick sale, regardless of what you owe. Let’s say that your mortgage is $480,000, but similar homes in your area are selling for $350,000. You can ask for $350,000 and can even possibly take lower bids.

Phyllis is a Certified Distressed Property Experts and guides sellers through the process and prevent foreclosure. She is knowledgeable about short sales and have had experience and success with them. This is in your best interest since we know the ins and outs and the paperwork involved.

Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure

This service is when the homeowner voluntarily deeds title of the property to the lender. A homeowner basically gives the house back to the bank. The ordinary effect of the taking of a Deed in Lieu is to extinguish the lenders deed of trust and vest the lender with the title subject to all other existing liens and encumbrances. In effect, the lender becomes the new owner.

However, the lender is not required to accept the Deed in Lieu and can show his/her refusal by filing a Notice of Non-Acceptance with the County Recorder.

We would do the best we can about this option.

Properties Owners Just Want To Avoid

There could be an inheritance left from a deceased loved one, too emotional for the new owner to even get near the home, let alone cleaning, remodeling or doing anything about it.

There could be a disaster-damaged home and the owner doesn’t have the physical or financial ability to make any repairs.

There could be a divorce settlement home and the owner has already moved on and moved far away, it would cost too much time and trouble to even come back and do anything about it.

There could be a rogue-tenant, squatter, hoarder refusing owner’s efforts for eviction and he or she has no more interest in being the landlord to the home.

Whatever the reasons are for the owners not wanting to deal with the properties, let us do the dirty work. We will go visit those unwanted properties, and sell them so the owners may still get some cash and relief from any potential liabilities.

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